Sunday, October 31, 2010



We are heartbroken! I have an update on our adoption story. We got matched 2 weeks ago and on Monday (10/25) we got a call from our adoption lawyer that we should rush to the hospital because the baby had been born. A little girl! We went there as fast as we could and when we got there we were taken to the nursery to see our baby. It was a miracle and a very special moment! The baby was a healthy little girl 7.8 pounds with lots of black hair. She was beautiful! We loved her from the first moment on.
The birthmom is from Guatemala and she didn't want to see the baby at all. We took care of her and I stayed at the hospital all night long and fed her and changed her diapers. We really bonded.
We met the birthmother once and since she didn't speak English we didn't really talk a lot but we felt a strong connection to her.
The next day (Tuesday) we were released from the hospital and went home with our baby. We gave her the name Sophia Maya. Our attorney told us on the way home that we should remember that not all the paperwork is singed and we are just "babysitting". We ignored that advice completely!

Then at home we had the most wonderful 3 days with her. My husband said that it felt like Christmas every day. We were in heaven! Even not sleeping though the night and walking with her all night long through our house was a joy!

Unfortunately and that is were the broken heart comes from, we got a call on Thursday afternoon (right after we came back from our first visit to the pediatrician), that our birthmother changed her mind and we had to give the baby back. We were both in shock!
We had to drive to San Francisco and bring her back while crying all the time.
We have been crying for 2 days straight but now (Sunday) we slowly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We know that we have to move forward and that our goal is to have a baby and become parents because that is what we learned from this experience. It was such a special feeling being a mom and dad that we will work on our dream to make it come through!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brother Innov-Is 1200

long time no see...
I have been busy with lots of teaching and working in my studio.

I treated myself to a very nice sewing machine. (I think I deserved it after teaching all summer long...) I bought the Brother Innov-Is 1200 (used). It is a sewing and embroidery machine and I love it very much. It is so much fun even sewing a straight stitch. I am working on a quilt right now and have lots of ideas in my head...maybe some ornaments for christmas...

I also started playing around with the embroidery unit and this is a photo of what I made.

The design is from Germany from a website called Huups! They have really nice embroidery files. I will start to embroider some T-Shirts and Sweatshirts...
Have a good day, Sabine