Friday, June 19, 2009

Ad in Magazine

I started to advertise in the Stringing Magazine to launch my bead business. I am now selling beads, charms and pendants.

Go and check it
Here you can see the ad as it is published in the magazine.


lisa peters ART said...

Good Luck to you with your new business of ceramic beads! Your pieces are adorable! I am glad I saw your link via Lorelei's post!
Wishing u much success!
lisa peters

Doreen said...

I just discovered you through Lorelei's blog. I love your work! It is so cute and HAPPY! Much success to you! We are almost neighbors. I live in Lodi!

Gaea said...

I found you on Lorelei's blog and love your work! Congrats on your first ad!

Sabine Brunner said...

Thank you all for wishing me Luck!
I really appreciate it.

Sonja said...

I saw the ad in Stringing and put it right by the computer to look you up. Then Lorelei posted about ya too. So you are definitely getting known now! Your work is scrumptious!!! So glad to have found you.