Thursday, September 17, 2009


I am back from my trip and I have to say it is great to be home! I wanted to share the last trip we did while we were still in Germany. We stayed close to the Austrian border and decided on Tuesday last week to go to Swarovski in Austria. They have an exhibit called Kristallwelten - Crystal Fiction.

The entrance is very beautiful and looks great but I was a little disapointed from the inside.
The inside is created by Andre Heller a very famous Austrian multi-media artist. It has artworks from very famous artists inside. But still I was a little disappointed!

At the end you exit into the showroom and store and I was very surprised to see that the prices were really high, even for beads and other jewelry supplies which they also carried. But the showroom is beautiful and great to look around.

Now it is good to be home! Sabine

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