Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sophia Maya

I wanted to say a couple more words about our failed match. We took a couple of days off and went on a road trip to Southern California. It was great that we did this and helped us to come over our sadness. We both (my husband and I) are doing better now. We still miss our baby girl but we are also very happy that we had her for a short time in our life. She showed us that we are ready to be parents and that it is so easy to fall in love with such a tiny, beautiful and innocent baby.

Before we had her I was very nervous about changing diapers, feeding her, rocking her back to sleep but we felt that it is not hard at all and that we loved staying up with her at night and watching her every second. Every moment was wonderful and she taught us a very special kind of love!

I wanted to share a photo of her with you and bring this to some kind of closure! Unfortunately I never got to take a photo without her hat because she had lots of black hair.

We wish her a very happy life and we know that we might never see her again but she will always be our "first child".


Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

wow, I can't imagine what you are going through! I am so sorry that the adoption didn't work out.
I wish you and your husband much strength during this time.

Heinz J. Hahnbueck said...

Liebe Sabine, es wird alles gut! Ich bin immer für Dich da! Alles Liebe ..... Dein Papi

Lisah Horner said...

Dear Sabine,

What an experience!I can't even imagine going through this. But, you are moving through it with grace, wisdom, and empathy. And, you will surely be united with the love of your lives in the future.

Very Fondly,